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BTS Installation / Integration (3G/4G LTE)

Duration: 1 Month

Course Benefits

On completion of this course, you will be able to do the following; RBS Installation, Antenna Installation, Cable Laying, Rigging & Hosting of Cables & Antennas, RBS Configuration, Base Station Optimization, Base station Colocation and AC/DC Power Systems installation. etc..


Telecommunications professionals involved in the installation and maintenance of their Company networks.


Basic understanding of Telecom

Courses Outline

  • Structure and Overview of GSM
  • Theory of GPS and Compass
  • Types of Towers, Organization and safety on site, Nature of work on sites, Identification of materials
  • Introduction to connectors
  • Introduction to RF cables
  • Terms and Definitions of Coaxial cables and VSWR
  • Power distribution on site
  • Antenna Theory and Classification
  • RBS Block structure
  • Antenna Configuration  Health & Safety & (OMT)
  • Hosting and Rigging
  • Site Survey (Optimization/Co-location) and BOQ
  • Test Editing
  • Survey/BOQ
  • Site Master sweep tests & Editing
  • GPS Usage
  • Compass Usage
  • Connector Preparation
  • Site Master (ANRITSU) Usage in performing Sweep Tests
  • (VSWR, DTF etc...)
  • Earthing and Scotching
  • Site Survey (Optimization/Co-location) and BOQ
  • Hoisting and Rigging – RBS configuration using Operations & Maintenance Terminal (OMT) application software

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    With the excellent practical training at Admintelecom, I have been able to coordinate all the theoretical knowledge I accumulated from school (HND level) into practical knowledge.

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