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Computer Networking

Duration: 2 Months

Course Benefits

If you’re new to IT and networking, or already in an IT profession this is the place to start or upgrade your networking skills This course teaches you how to create good network design, and explains how wireless networking and network equipment (particularly layer 2 and 3 switches and routers) work.

The course is structured practically to work with all networking tools, build and configure networking both LAN and WAN, Install network cabling, configure routers and install remote access. We will also learn how to install and administer two server technologies (Windows and Linux server OS)


IT professionals
Non IT professional


Computer knowledge will be helpful

Course Outline

  • Network Infrastructure
    • Installing and labeling Cat6 cables
    • Practicing Punching standard A and B for Keystones and Patch panel
    • Practicing Crimping for straight, cross cable with RJ45 ( Making Patch cables )
    • Cable testing with network tester
  • Know OSI and TCP model– for trouble shooting
  • IP addressing and subnet
  • Setting up a LAN with Windows computers
  • Setting up a LAN with Windows, Linux, Mac computers
  • What is routing ?
  • Configuration of routers – for LAN, WAN, VPN, Port forwarding, VLAN
  • Configuration CCTV DVR for remote access
  • Configuration ADSL/ DSL for internet Access
  • Windows Server Administration – Active Directory, Installing and configuration
  • Installing Client Server Network
  • Sharing server resources and remote profile for backups
  • Installing and configuring Linux for webserver
  • Introducing Fiber and LAN network
  • Installing and Configuration of email client ( outlook express)

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    With the excellent practical training at Admintelecom, I have been able to coordinate all the theoretical knowledge I accumulated from school (HND level) into practical knowledge.

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