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Cell Planning

Duration: 1 Month

Course benefits

This course provides candidates with the knowledge needed to: (1) understand and explain the concepts, techniques and terminology related to Cell planning, (2) provide a detailed overview of the characteristics of Radio propagation, (3) examine the concepts of Traffic theory and blocking.


Telecommunications professionals involved in the installation and maintenance of their Company networks.


Basic understanding of Telecom

Course outline

  • Standardization & Technologies
  • Standardization bodies
  • Digital technologies
  • Multiple Access Techniques
  • Cellular overview
  • Introduction to Radio Network planning
  • The Mobile network cellular planning process
  • Network Characteristics
  • Scope of network planning
  • Cellular network radio frequency planning
  • Cellular coverage planning
  • Transmission planning
  • Mobile Radio Link
  • Characteristics of radio wave propagation
  • Radio Propagation Models
  • Antenna systems, types and characteristics
  • Antenna downtiltsboth electrical and mechanical
  • Smart Antennas
  • Diversity Techniques
  • Radio Link Budgets, Power budgets, cell size evaluations
  • Interference
  • Network Capacity
  • Traffic Theory, Trunking effect and Erlangformulas
  • Traffic planning and patterns
  • Network Dimensioning
  • Signalling Capacity
  • Network Planning Tasks
  • Signal Measurements
  • Coverage Planning
  • Transmission Planning, Microwave links & Leased lines
  • Site Selection and building process
  • Frequency Planning, reuse rates
  • Automatic frequency allocation and co-ordination
  • Advanced Radio Network Planning
  • Capacity evolution
  • Radio Network Planning Tools

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