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About the course

The above diagram illustrates the on-site practical training program for the Networking and Telecom Engineering program.

The Telecommunications Networking Specialist program is an intensive 12-month certificate program offered full-time at Admintelecom Academy campus. It provides practical and analytical training in telecommunications and computer networking. The program emphasizes practical, hands-on training with the same equipment you are likely to use in your career.

Throughout the first 6 months (Module 1) of the training, students will be exposed to networking media such as CAT6, Microwave, and Fiber. They will practically list lay and structure them in job location.

Module 2 on the other part will be more of configuring networking media in order to interconnect and share data across two geographically different locations and also learn security in protecting data centers from intrusions by malware.

Admintelecom Academy is a firm believer of “learn by doing” and that has been our competitive advantage over these years. Our learning environment is set up to exhibit all the relevant equipment used in the industry of networking and telecommunication. We have erected 2 towers of 35m height and 7km apart to enable students to network a data center at point “A” via different network media. Students will have the ability to work with E1 internet data sent over from ISPs, and this will develop their ability to split or chunk the data bandwidth in order to distribute it across the network for efficient bandwidth usage.

Our objective is to render the students highly marketable in the field of telecommunication and networking. Our training concept (Workplace ethics, standard installations and Health and Safety) will go a long to sharpen not only their hard skills but also their soft skills and entrepreneurial skills as the training offers the opportunity to start one own’s business. All modules prepare the students towards international certifications. (CompTIA and FOA and Microsoft)

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Certified Telecommunication and Networking Specialist

Module 1
Course Outlines
• Wireless Telecommunications
• Comp TIA N+
• Microwave Transmission (Standard Installation Practises)
• Certified Fibre Optics Technician- CFOT

Module 2
Course Outlines

• Linux+
• Linux Server Administration
• Windows Server Administration
• Malware Analysis and reverse engineering
• 50 tips and tricks for troubleshooting in networking and telecommunication
• CFOS/D (Fiber Optics)
• Standard Microwave Networks

Duration: 6 months for 4 hours’ daily

    Training Streams

  • Morning

  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 12pm
  • Afternoon

  • Monday -Friday: 1pm- 5pm
  • Evening

  • Monday - Friday: 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday

  • Practicals - 8pm-2pm

Fees: Call +233 267 870 879 / +233 540 220 330

At the end of the training, students will be able the perform the following:

• How to test telecom and networking cables using the various telecom test equipment (Site master, SUNSET, OTDR LIGHT SOURCE AND POWER METER, Bit error test equipment cat 6 cable test equipment)
• How to conduct Telecom Technical Site survey.
• How to prepare a bill of quantity for a base station/transmission installation
• How to conduct Internet service provider(ISP) technical site survey
• How to conduct telecom Site Auditing.
• How to hoist antenna on site. (on the tower)
• How to install battery banks, Inverters, AVR, UPS and other electrical equipment on site
• How to conduct Telecom site earth test
• How to manage Telecom transmission site cables in a cable tray.
• How to create a database for cable management.
• How to splice fibre optic cable
• How to test Fibre optic cable (Fibre light source and power meter)
• providing internet connectivity using microwave radio
• Sending packet through microwave link
• Configuration and routing of microwave link
• How to troubleshoot microwave connectivity issues
• How to conduct a fibre to the home(FTTH) survey
• How to Design fibre to the home(FTTH) link
• How to create a bill of quantity for FTTH design
• How to install both indoor and outdoor FTTH LINK
• How to troubleshoot fibre connectivity issues
• How to interface Fibre and digital Microwave as a media
• How to interface Data through digital Microwave and fibre optic as media
• How to connect your Local area network to your ISP or Mobile operator.
• How to install and configure Windows Server 2012
• How to configure Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
• How to design and implement a Server Infrastructure

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    With the excellent practical training at Admintelecom, I have been able to coordinate all the theoretical knowledge I accumulated from school (HND level) into practical knowledge.

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