Practical Internship Opportunity for Tertiary Students.

Practical Internship Opportunity for Tertiary Students.

An internship is very important for any job-seeking graduate. It informs the employer that you have had some experience, no matter how short, in the industry. The duration and type of experience one get during their internship is very important because it affects their attitude when they go back to school and work towards becoming employable.

This journey of being recognized and valued is the same for all, not just Ghanaian youth.

Within the telecom industry, most students have trouble in getting practical education during their internship period because of the sensitive nature of this industry to standards, guidelines, and risk.

Having been operating for over 8 years as a practical telecom training institute in Ghana under Admincity holdings Ltd,

The Academy presents a more beneficial internship offer for students, which will allow them to spend their vacation productively, submitting to the internship requirements of their various schools and getting practical skills training. Admintelecom Academy presents “a tailored summer field training program” covering short, specific aspects of telecommunication and IT that are 100% practical focused.

Students get an internship opportunity where expert engineers train them at a moderate fee. Training will be in the practical aspect of their school learning and be validated with an official certificate for completion of practical training in Networking, fiber optics, microwave transmission, ethical hacking, etc.

Do not miss your opportunity to achieve exceptional growth this year; registration is open for 2019 vacation here.

Direct registration is in progress at our campus at East Legon Adjiringanor, first block factory opposite the allied filling station.

For further clarification, contact 0540220330 or 0267870879. You can also visit our website ( ) to learn more about our institution and training programs.

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