The traditional telecommunications sector is expanding outside of its previous boundaries and is beginning to impact on new sectors such as banking, media and the energy industries. The possibilities for telecommunications solutions are almost limitless, and now more than ever there is a need for highly skilled telecommunications professionals to drive the African market. Admin Telecom Academy Ghana is the best practical telecom training school in Ghana. At Admin Telecom, we pride ourselves on being a market leader and a company which is raising the bar for training Institutes in Africa and the rest of the world.We are passionate about telecommunications and the role it plays in the development of Ghana and Africa.

We at Admin Telecom Academy Ghana believe in people development, which is why we provide world class training courses, at a time and place that suits our customers. We offer a full portfolio of first class telecommunications courses. We are also firm believers in ‘learn by doing’ which is why we complement our theory programs with an extensive practical telecom training or ‘hands on’ portfolio. Admin Telecom Academy Ghana focuses on the young professionals. We understand and believe in the complete professional. In our quest for excellence,We also offer programs in work place advocacy and ethics so as to prepare our clients to take maximum advantage in the working force.

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